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                Obsolet is a non-commercial Mimeo printing studio that works with analog stencil duplicators. With our Gestetner presses we can realize a variety of printing projects, such as leaflets, artists books, flyers... We also work on a Risograph — mostly to produce stencils for our Gestetners, and a silkprint station is coming up soon.

We cooperate with other printing studios, artists and interested people and work on various projects that promote networking, knowledge transfer and analog printing practices (mediation, workshops, performances, publications, building up knowledge, etc.). The team consists of four people with different backgrounds from graphics, art, literature, music, political science and education, from whose connection the studio draws its creative power and dynamism. Our approach is experimental, exploratory and sustainable. We promote the critical examination of the throwaway society and innovative approaches that make analog and digital knowledge fruitful for each other.

Dealing with the mimeograph is interesting and important from different perspectives. At first glance, the mimeograph is an outdated technology, but it works entirely mechanically and is very durable and therefore up to date. In times of planned obsolescence, these outdated technologies regain their value. Analog printing is also a sustainable technology: the machines work without electricity; the ink is soy-based and does not contain any chemicals. We also use uncoated and recycled paper. The ability to self-publish promotes creative independence and gives a a clear understanding of the process of printing. We are thus setting an example against predetermined breaking points and expiring durability. Obsolet Studio deals with questions about the obsolescence of products and, closely related to it, the obsolescence and forgetting of knowledge and manufacturing techniques.